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The project was born from a collaboration between Luis Gomez and Eugenio Zuniga. It all started around a good meal - probably the last one of the 2020! -at the beginning of the global pandemic.

With a background in retail, the two friends thought back to several projects from years past that never got off the ground. After listing out all their creative ideas, one concept stood out: all-inclusive tartars!

It took over a year to gather all the partners and choose a great ambassador to see the birth of all-inclusive tartars under the KÜTO banner. This unique and innovative concept will be launched in April 2021... still in the middle of a pandemic!

The Turkoise brand represents the Latin spirit of the two founders who, with their Spanish and Chilean origins, provide colourful insight into Turkoise products. The new range includes all-inclusive and refined tartars ready to be enjoyed, at any time, in five fabulous flavours.

Küto tartars: take them anywhere!

A quick and tasty protein-rich meal, ready to eat right out of the box, anytime, anywhere!


Salmon tartare

A slightly spicy sauce, balanced with sriracha peas for crunch.

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Salmon tartare

An Asian sauce that can be kicked up a notch with a hit of wasabi. All topped with tempura for crunch.

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Tuna tartare

A mango-flavored sauce with dehydrated mango cubes for a refreshing crunch!

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Salmon tartare

A maple and veggie bacon sauce for a sweet and salty taste!

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Montreal Steak Spice

Beef tartare

A spicy steak sauce with a side of fried onions.
Inspired by the great steakhouses of Montreal, our knife-cut Quebec beef tartar is of the highest quality. The smooth, sweet and smoky sauce will tickle your taste buds. Sprinkle with crispy onions to take the taste experience to the next level!

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Ready to enjoy in 3 steps!

1. Thaw tartar in cold water for 15 minutes or for 7 hours in the refrigerator.

2. Open the bag of tartar using the notches identified on the plastic, transfer to the plastic container and add seasonings.

3. Enjoy with crackers!

The products are presented in a unique, airtight package that optimizes tartar quality and freshness.

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